PC board and the perfect combination of high, refined, sharp products

by:GWX     2020-08-29
PC board & transportation two seemingly does not produce any intersection of the two sides have such magic use transportation solutions planes, high-speed rail, the car, in the process of lightweight, USES, including PC, a large number of plastic material, the high standard of interior, parts material needs to have accurate and stable performance level and beautiful sex. Involved in products: 1, endurance noise barrier board: special noise barrier board is dedicated to development, elevated road, highway, rail, rail transportation, residential quarters, such as the engineering application of sound insulation board, at the same time have the ability to resistance, impact resistance. ( Applied in: transportation, the subway, road noise barrier) noise barrier 2, double rectangular sunshine board: universal sunshine board is better comprehensive performance engineering plastics, has excellent physical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties, is the ideal of a sunshine shed material. 。 。 。 。 。 ( Widely used in architectural lighting, industrial workshop, modern agriculture, carport canopy, and civil lighting) 3, special spread plate: advertising is a new generation of formulations thus change optical performance and achieve remarkable cloud light effect, and synchronous improve flame retardant grade products, the use of LED lighting products more secure, more at ease. ( Widely used in public buildings, advertising lighting, etc. ) Shanghai using free personality design for aircraft, high-speed rail, car to provide greater comfort and safety. Good material, should meet the following characteristics: light weight, high strength, optical transmission, stable size, color, and free design, fire retardant, sound insulation to 'high-tech, environmental protection, and a strict' for technological innovation and research direction, satisfy the standard of the field complex flame retardant, high impact, high hardness, high wear resistance, energy conservation, environmental protection, such as technical standards application, become a professional manufacturer in this field and integrated solution provider. Through the efforts, with global partners of our products are make great contribution to the urban environment construction and improving the quality of human.
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