PC board before installation considerations

by:GWX     2020-08-31

PC board before installation note:

1) Clean metal frame, and there shall be no metal pipe bending oil or other chemical residues on the framework, the framework on the paint can't contact plate.

2) PC board reserved expansion space, space size can be calculated by the following formula:

expansion value = linear expansion coefficient values * length * big temperature changes

linear expansion coefficient as a fixed value = 7 * 10 - 5 ( cm/cm/°C)

example: length 100 cm, PC board installed in 40 ℃ environment temperature gap between day and night, it reserved expansion space force: expansion value = 7 * 10 - 5 ( cm/cm/°C) * 100厘米* 40℃= 0。 28 cm, reason is reserved to less space to 0. 28cm。

3) PVC gasket precipitation additives and some of the rubber gasket material for EPDMrubber ( Epdm) 硅橡胶( Silicone rubber) And Neoprene rubber ( Neoprene) 。 If no suitable gasket. Would rather not. Also can choose PC material of the gasket would be destroyed.

4) PC board need to seal installation, can choose neutral Silicone ( Silicon) Series of sealant and waterproof tape and rubber bead.

5) Waterproof tape except for waterproof, can also be used for PC board between the frame and gasket material. Some double sided tape glue with PC board has the damage, so be careful to choose at construction.

6) PC board in the electric tools, cutting saw blades with tungsten carbide material, sheet shall be fixed before cutting to avoid vibration.

7) PC plate is easy to scratch, only do not tear the protective film. As much as possible before cutting line mark, mark on the protective film, such as a tag on the PC board directly, please use crayons, should avoid to use sharp tools.

8) New buildings in cement is not completely dry before, do not contact directly with the PC board, otherwise the alkali in cement can destroy the PC material.

9) Radius of bending required if the PC board is used, its construction should be greater than the allowed radius of curvature.

10) PC board surface dust, dirt general first with a soft cloth or sponge stick neutral cleaner is wiped, reoccupy clear water is rinsed thoroughly, after with soft dry cloth.

11) When if you want to use solvents to clean the PC board, bear in mind that most of the solvents, such as toluene, acetone, petrol, carbon tetrachloride, damage to the PC board will be, must not be used. It is recommended to use solvent for alcohols, such as anhydrous alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.

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