PC board can completely replace acrylic sheet?

by:GWX     2020-08-31
PC board, also called polycarbonate solid sheet, PC bulletproof glass, PC solid sheet and polycarbonate board, is a high-performance engineering plastics - - - - - Polycarbonate ( PC) Processing and into. Impact resistance, impact resistance, not broken features, strong security, anti-theft, bulletproof rate, excellent workability, good plasticity. So the PC board and PMMA Acrylic) What's the difference? Both are transparent plastic, under the same thickness, under the condition of the same raw material particles, acrylic sheet is tall 2 - than PC light transmittance 3%, close to 90%, it is not easy to distinguish between the naked eye. But, after all, is the two kinds of material, the difference between four different: 1, heat resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance: acrylic up to 70 degrees would be easy to soften, and PC is 120 degrees, so the PC more heat resistance of heat-resistant, wider working temperature applications. 2, impact resistance, resistance to hit, intensity index: the same thickness, PC impact resistance strength is 30 - acrylic sheet 50 times, thick plate is 6 mm to PC bulletproof material, 3 mm PC board general adults also hit not crushed with a hammer. 3, fire resistant, fireproof: PC is flame retardant material, belongs to the class B flame retardant ( UL94 - in the world V2 level) , self-extinguishing plastic one, is not easy to burn, and don't flame retardant acrylic plate. 4, environmental protection, PC belongs to the environmental protection plastics, and some physical properties of acrylic plate is less than, so some areas have eliminated yakeli board application abroad, domestic also spread slowly, although our country is yakeli board powers, but to produce high value-added little acrylic sheet, more dependent on imports. More and more people begin to use PC board instead of acrylic board, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask ~
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