PC board can glue

by:GWX     2020-08-28

plastic industry co. , LTD. , according to customer needs, provide PC board processing. PC board processing includes: PC board cutting, PC board carving, PC board, PC board slot milling drilling hot bending bending, PC board, PC board, PC board hot stamping shape, PC board, PC board adhesive polishing, PC board, PC board printing, blister, blow molding, PC board molding processing, etc. 'The PC board can glue? 'The company director gives the answer.

PC board adhesive can use special glue adhesive was carried out on the PC board processing, ensure the bonding strength and bonding area not deformation, not ectopic, no crack, high accuracy, good appearance, suitable for all kinds of box body, form a complete set of machinery parts, handicraft production.

it is reported, is a production and processing of PC endurance plate enterprises. The company production and processing of plastic sheet, high transparency, less crystal point, good flatness, also can be customized according to customer demand sheet ( Color, appearance size determined by the customer) , which greatly reduces the production cost, ensure the quality, courteous service.

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