PC board how processing?

by:GWX     2020-08-29
PC board early used in greenhouses, advertising light boxes, highway noise barrier, such as the construction project, the low-key appearance and simplicity of installation, to people's first impression is usually cheap and temporary. But as the PC board production technology and production technology, the new material gradually emerging in the construction, industrial buildings, stadiums and airports can be seen in large space buildings. Facing the increasingly diverse application scenarios, PC board also need to adapt to different processing methods. Therefore, how to choose reasonable processing methods based on the characteristics of construction, often is the key to the PC board project. Sunlight greenhouses cutting processing is suitable for metal and wood processing cutting equipment in general can satisfy the requirement of the PC board cutting, such as disk saw, band saw, jigsaw and hacksaw, thinner plate also can use laser cutting. 1, disk saw cutting circular saw is cutting the PC board the most commonly used machining tools. Disk saw drive system and cutting system is an organic whole repeatedly directly, light small, easy to carry, easy to operate, generally applicable to cutting solid plate thickness is greater than 3 mm. 2, band saw cutting band saw cutting way is commonly the vertical cutting, can also be transformed into horizontal cutting way, it is mainly suitable for cutting plate of large size. When using the band saw processing, should as far as possible close to the plate to reduce the tooling distorted, reduce the probability of irregular incisions. 3, curve sawing saws and hacksaw cutting curve and hacksaw blade generally narrower, mainly is suitable for the processing curve or irregular shape of the plate. When using the tool cutting, should ensure that plank support strong, cutting speed shoulds not be too fast. 4, laser cutting, laser cutting is suitable for complex shape of cutting, due to high temperature in the cutting process, may cause the plate cutting edge becomes angry, so only commonly used in the following sheet 2 mm thickness. Endurance plate greenhouse PC board hole opening operation can be used punching, drilling, and ring cut hole three ways. ( 1) Punching generally applicable to less than 3 mm thickness plate, because of the thicker plate will increase the risk of plate rupture in punching. ( 2) Drilling is much larger thickness used solid plate, used for metal processing standard drilling bit can be used for PC board, but drilling aperture by bit diameter size limit. In the drilling process, generally do not need to be cool, when comparing the deep hole processing, can use water, oil free compressed air or taking bit regularly to achieve the purpose of cooling, attention should be paid to oil or liquid emulsion can be used for cooling process. 1, the cold cold molding generally used for thickness thinner ( Less than 6 mm) The plate bending or bending processing. ( 1) Cold cold bending: the minimum bending radius can reach 150 times of thickness, if need to achieve a smaller diameter, recommended hot working way. ( 2) Cold bending: plate cold bending will occur after about 25 ° retraction of relaxation, so the process must have a 25 ° of flexion. Material in some parts of the inner surface and outer surface stress to reach balance in the days following the processing, the balance in these days will be reflected in its final shape. 2, thermal molding hot working is actually on the need for bending, Or bend) Processing the location of the first heated and then to bend ( Or bend) , as much as possible to get a little perspective, thus received bending ( Or bend) The effect. The plank can adopt the single side or double side heating mode, if it is a single heating, will be expected to flip sheet in order to achieve balanced heating for many times. Protective film on the surface of the heating process, the material can be retained. polycarbonate solid sheet greenhouse overall, PC board as a kind of high performance new building material, its processing good formability, either at room temperature under the environment of cold bending forming, also may carry on the hot bending forming in the condition of heating, vacuum forming, stamping molding, forming, many times even to match the building design requirements, so as to meet the requirements of building the colorful appearance modelling, make the architect design conception.
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