PC board is different from PVC board

by:GWX     2020-08-31

what's the difference between a PC board and PVC board? PC board and PVC plate big difference is that base material. The main base material is polycarbonate, PC board and PVC board base material is PVC, so the characteristic is not the same.

PC board density than the PVC board, continuous use temperature is higher than PVC board, pervious to light performance is better than that of PVC board, and the passing rate is more similar to visible light, and PVC and PC board can be completely blocked ultraviolet light.

for sound insulation effect, on the PC board is recognized as a highway noise barrier material, it can be 40 decibels of sound insulation. 6 mm endurance plate 35 decibels noise reduction, 3 MMPC particle board 28 decibel noise reduction, so the sound insulation board panel PC endurance. And PVC sound insulation effect is good, but because its not aging, and therefore cannot be used in outdoor environment.

PC board insulation materials, and PVC plate is a good electric properties of polymer, often as a low frequency of insulating materials.

in the process of construction, due to the PC board strong rigidity, heat bilges cold shrink coefficient is big, so it's easy to install. But because it is not against the old PVC fire burning characteristics, can not be used in outdoor lighting.

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