PC board key used in which aspects?

by:GWX     2020-09-23
PC board key used in a lot of people don't know which a few respects, small make up, come to you about today. PC board key application of

used to produce medical machinery. Because the poly carbonate product can withstand vapour, detergents, heating and ambassador dosage of radiation source disinfection sterilization, and does not produce yellow and physics function is reduced, thus is widely applied to bionic eye hemodialysis machine and other equipment must be in a completely transparent, visualize the premise condition control and need to be constantly in disinfection sterilization of medical devices. Such as the production of high pressure syringe, surgical masks, disposable dental equipment, blood separation equipment.

to airlines, the aerospace industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of airlines and aerospace engineering, the shuttle to the airport and rules of each component in the development, encourage the use of PC in the industry also gradually improve. According to the survey, only an airbus aircraft on common poly carbonate components reached 2500, poly carbonate stand-alone loss about 2 tons. While on the spaceship chose hundreds of different configuration and improve the poly carbonate by glass fiber components and protective gear of the astronauts.
for decoration industry. Poly carbonate plates have excellent penetrability, impact resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and the specifications of the products is not disorderly and excellent forming equipment, make its than traditional construction industry applications of inorganic sandwich glass has the obvious technical function advantage.

for the automobile industry chain. Poly carbonate with excellent impact resistance, heat resisting change function, and good ageing resistance, high strength, and share in the production of cars and light trucks a variety of parts and components, its key centralization in lighting system software, car dashboard, hot plate, defroster and poly carbonate al-alloy bumper, etc.

for the packaging industry. In recent years, new breakthroughs in the packaging industry surges can be repeated disinfection sterilization and the application of various specifications of reservoir water bottles. Because poly carbonate products have the quality light, impact resistance and good pervious to light, with boiled water and adhesion aqueous cleaning solution without deformation and maintain the advantages of transparent, some industry at present stage PC bottle has completely replace glass bottles.

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