PC board of fire flame retardant performance

by:GWX     2020-09-02
Fire flame retardant performance of PC board

fireproof PC endurance plate, also known as flame retardant PC board, flame retardant polycarbonate plate, such as fire prevention PC board spontaneous combustion temperature of 630 degrees, PC board reach GB combustibility, fire flame retardant engineering material.

the compressive strength, fireproof PC board strong toughness, even with a hammer percussion, also won't fracture;

sound insulation effect: the same thickness under fire PC board sound insulation effect is better than the glass;

quality attributes: fireproof PC board weight at about the same specifications 1/3 of the glass, fireproof PC board because of its weight relative to the glass for the light, can be bent, can be used in narrow space with a special Angle, convenient construction.
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