PC board processing technology is what?

by:GWX     2020-09-26
PC board or polycarbonate polymer material processing and become a kind of plastic sheet. PC plastic is applying monomer material to form aggregation of data or condensation reaction, by resin and packing, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, additive such as pigment, it is the first ingredient composition of resin. PC board processing technologies include:
PC board precision cutting, carving, reaming, slotting, bending, hot forming and hot pressing to finalize the design, stamping, glue, polishing, printing, blister, blow molding, molding and other processing technology.
1, PC board cutting, simple and convenient operation, ordinary cutting accuracy is not high, the accuracy is usually in the plus or minus 0. About 5 mm

2, PC board engraving, drilling, milling slot: for plate processing precision is high, one kind is with a bit of CNC engraving machine, another is the laser carving machine.

3, PC plate bending, hot bending, can according to customer's drawings or in kind, to ensure that a particular point of view and shapes, high precision and good effect.

4, PC plastic thermoforming, extrusion shape: processing scale contains plastic sheet (usually PC, PET, PETG, PS, acrylic, PP, PVC, PE, etc. ) 。 Can be customized according to customer needs to open mold processing, to ensure accuracy.

in the PC board is the five engineering plastics need to be one of the fastest growing general engineering plastics, PC is a kind of amorphous thermoplastic resin materials with special performance, has the outstanding electrical insulation, pervious to light, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance. Also has the self-extinguishing, flame retardant, nontoxic and can be colored and other advantages, the use of development is to highly complex, high function, specialty, series direction, first used in car parts, household appliances, medical equipment, aerospace and other fields.
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