PC board, PVC board, acrylic board error parsing

by:GWX     2020-08-31

or construction of the project construction, there will always be on the building materials to make choices. Due to the development of society, the material of all kinds, a lot of people always torn on material selection, after various aspects assessment to determine what material choice. And misunderstanding between many cognitive construction building materials industry, such as a lot of people don't know about PC, PVC, acrylic, what's the difference between them? PC, PVC, acrylic will always be confused, so what is a PC board? What is a PVC board? What is a acrylic sheet?

PC board is also called the polycarbonate sheet, polycarbonate as main ingredients, the coextrusion technology formed a kind of high quality material. PC board surface coated with UV layer, have fight ultraviolet ray, prevent plank turn yellow, anti-aging effect. PC board is mainly used in sun room, roof daylighting of agricultural facilities, road of sound insulation screen, daylighting corridor municipal construction, gymnasium, swimming pool, sports venues, as well as applied to commercial interests. PC board are very versatile, gradually become the darling of the construction materials. PVC board is also called decoration film, mainly made of PVC as a raw material section for honeycomb plate mesh structure. PVC board is a kind of vacuum suction plastic film, the surface of the packing is mainly used for all kinds of panel. In addition to building materials industry, PVC board can also be used for packaging, the health care industry. Yakeli board commonly known as through special processing, organic glass plate is made by methyl acid methyl ester monomer ( MMA) Polymerization, it is mainly used for instrumentation parts, auto lamp, optical lenses, transparent pipe. PC board, PVC board and acrylic sheet each have advantages and disadvantages, applicable scope is also different, when choosing building materials can choose suitable plate according to the demand.

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