PC board secondary process is what?

by:GWX     2020-09-24
PC board is a very use in our lives to the plastic construction products, so we at the time of processing PC board are secondary processing, then let us small make up to introduce you to.

1, PC board cut: PC plastic board cut technology contrast is simple, operation is convenient. First is the demand for plastic plate cutting accuracy is not high transaction processing, high efficiency, but relatively CNC carving, precision, it is not so high, one is the artificial manipulation, one is the numerical control programming is gone. Precision plastic board cut usually manipulation in 0. 5 mm or so, CNC carving precision control in 0. 15 mm or less.

2, PC board carve, drilling, milling slot: first is plastic board carve for plastic processing precision is high. Current we carve machine is divided into two kinds. A is a bit of CNC carving machines, the other is a laser carving machine. Bit PC board carve machine first is carve, PMMA,

, overcome force board, PET, PETG board, PS board, PE board, PVC sheet, plastic sheet, acrylic plexiglass laser carve machine first is carve, carve contrast. Laser carve machine if carve other plastic sheet, such as PC material, the section will be black. Carve machine carved scale includes: positioning punching, precision cutting, instead of milling machine milling groove processing, etc.

3, PC plate bending, hot bending: our primary package material or under processing transactions. Bending, hot bending affairs can according to customer's drawings or in kind, to ensure that a particular point of view and shape, precision is high, the effect is good.

4, PC plastic thermoforming, extrusion shape: processing scale contains plastic sheet (usually PC, PET, PETG, PS, acrylic, PP, PVC, PE, etc. ) 。 Can be customized according to customer needs to open mold processing, to ensure accuracy.

the above is our small make up for your introduction about PC board secondary processing technology, the introduction of hope we can help you, if you want to learn more about the knowledge of the PC board, you can visit our website, we will provide you with more professional information.
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