PC board should be how to properly install?

by:GWX     2020-09-23
PC board is widely used in our life, plastic building products, such as canopy awnings and raw material is the PC board, then let us small make up to introduce you to the PC board installation should be how to do it.

one, PC board bend should focus on the direction, must not transverse bending. For plate bending radius: the thickness of insulating layer plate 175 times a minute, three layer board below 185 times, 200 times four layer board. Solid PC plate bending radius to the thickness of the 175 times the same. Plate bending parts it is forbidden to use screws.

2, when installing a hollow sheet and solid PC board, the board and board juncture place, must according to the plate thermal expansion gap size reserved, thermal expansion coefficient of 0. 065 mm/m ℃, forbidden self tapping screw, rivets and other fixed directly through the plank. If must pass through, it must be on board the hole diameter is greater than the self-tapping screw rivets or 100% of the diameter of the expanded hole, drop self-drilling screw or rivet hole by expanding circle, to ensure that the plate can be adjustable freely in any direction.

3, contact with the PC board of the need for a neutral silicone sealant glue, it is forbidden to use alkaline, acid and chemical composition of unknown sealant containing solvents. Avoid sunshine plate and chemical solvent, solution and volatile gas direct contact, if use spray the paint thinners dilution sunshine board racks, must take the paint is completely dry before the installation of the sunshine board, it is forbidden to use the paint thinners dilution fill brush installed sunlight plate steel skeleton.

4, PC board installation fixed be sure to use our company special leak proof and turn-key fasteners, our company provide the special flat layering, if use flat strip of other firms must ensure that the strip is made of EPDM rubber or butyl rubber, it is forbidden to use PVC ( PVC) , contain harmful to the PC board material such as natural rubber strip.

5, PC board when installation to must do the plank with UV co-extrusion UV protection layer of protective film with text side toward the outside, must not put wrong, after the installation is complete set out in addition to protective film, avoid the protective film and sunshine board adhesion after sun exposure.

6, PC board before installation should reveal about 30 mm from edge of the range of protective film, it is strictly prohibited to protective film under pressure in the profile, then cut open the protective film jie membrane method. All of any part of the sunshine board cannot have scratches.

7, PC board cut open section or waterproof breathable duct tape with aluminum foil tape, in order to avoid water vapor.

the above is our small make up for your introduction about the PC board installation method, the introduction of hope we can help you, if you want to learn more about the knowledge of the PC board, you can visit our website, we will provide you with more professional information.

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