PC board should pay attention to some drilling?

by:GWX     2020-09-25
PC board processing technology, PC board application at any time in the field of widening gradually got the attention of the masses of users, today, we discuss of the PC board processing about the PC board drilling process, it is also a PC board in the field of building materials, machinery industry customers often ask a question.

PC board drilling will often encountered in the process of its application, the standard of the HSS twist drill with a perspective or wedge bit drilling hole can be used for PC board. When the larger holes and sheet a slight change in the form of the bit. One of the carbide bit better, because it has a very sharp cutting edge. In the drilling and PC board, the most important factor to consider is the heat generated in the actual drilling. To drill a hole, bright and clean and stress free heat to as little as possible.

if you can comply with the following specification, it is easy to drill a hole of bright and clean without stress. Drilling should be deal with at any time, in order to avoid overheating of the friction heat generated in the debris piled up; Bit should often brought from the hole, and use compressed air for cooling; Sheet or product must be crossed, and thus to minimize vibration and ensure the accuracy of the drill size; Hole distance with plate edge should not be less than the diameter of the 1 ~ 1. 51 times; Hole must be greater than the bolts, screws or other fixed parts, in order to allow allowance for heat bilges cold shrink; Recommend the use of carbide drill bit for mass production. Be sure to set aside the expansion of the drill hole clearance, the size of the gap with the phase plate size and preheating temperature fluctuation range, large panel even need to drill out the elliptical hole, the center of the hole to the edge of plate distance must be at least 2 times the diameter of the hole, and at least 6 mm. Screw fastening degree is limited to can make the PC board free expansion and contraction under temperature stress.
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