PC board transportation, storage precautions

by:GWX     2020-08-29

when handling, storing the PC board, all plate according to the following method of packing, transportation, storage, so as to avoid scratching or damage on the edge of the plate, reduce the damage of plank.

1, do not scratch board face, PC board when transportation damage plate edge, it is strictly prohibited to collision, cannot be shipped with chemicals.

2, PC sunshine board of small bending radius is 175 times of its thickness, can be rolled back a small amount of shipment in the transportation, is a flat out checked ( At the bottom of the car must be flat) 。

3, 3 mm below the small PC endurance plate bending radius is 100 times of its thickness, more than 3 mm small bending radius is 175 times of its thickness. Coil shipment in transit must be in accordance with the product label. The sheet shall be packed in wooden cases or wooden frame check.

4, plate covered with a protective film, up and down when handling and installing plate should be contain UV protective layer ( Print one side with uv protection function) One side of the sun. Is not installed, please don't remove the protective film.

5, in more than 60 ° C temperature storage time is too long, plate above the protective film will not easily torn off.

6 properly liner packing, transportation, storage, shall not store in direct sunlight and rain; PC board must handle with care during transportation, pay attention to keep the car clean, in order to prevent the edge and protective film scratch and damage of fold, application set four angles such as paper or cloth wrapped. During transportation, board paper pad should be put under the skin to prevent scratch board face.

7, the sealing side of plank on the tape is in the transport storage protection, is temporary used for waterproof and dustproof. Before installing the edge banding tape must change into a special dust tape. Special dust tape with good weatherability.

8, transport process to avoid the weight above board, and may not be sharp contact plate; Coil handling need forklift or people handle with care. In addition, PC board in indoor storage, should be placed in a cool, ventilated place.

9, bulk storage plate can't direct contact and cement ground; Panel on alkaline substances and corrosive organic solvents, such as: alkali, alkaline salt, ketone, aldehyde, amine, ester, ether, days that water, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, etc. Skeleton on the paint can't direct contact with the plank.

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