PC board which has the best performance?

by:GWX     2020-09-24
PC board weak acid resistance, is a polycarbonate as main ingredient, the coextrusion technology CO - EXTRUSION. Say these people may not know, then the popular will, PC board has the following several kinds of performance, follow below small make up together to get to know next!

1, impact resistance, endurance plate up to a maximum of 3 kg/cm, the impact of the PC board, 250 - the impact strength is common glass 20-300 times, it is acrylic 30 times, 2 times that of toughened glass, there is little risk of fracture. The following two meters with 3 kg hammer drop no crack, there are 'no broken glass' and the 'ring of steel' laudatory name.

2, pervious to light, daylighting is good, light transmittance as high as 85 ~ 91%, and its transparency can be equivalent to that of glass.

3, weather resistance, surface with uv co-extrusion layer, can prevent the sun's rays resin fatigue caused by ultraviolet light yellow.

4, flame resistance, endurance plate itself is not spontaneous combustion with self-extinguishing.

5, heat resistance, cold resistance: - the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius 40 ℃ to + 130 ℃ temperature range does not cause deformation and degradation. PC board in - 100 ℃ cold short does not occur when, in 137. 3 ℃ when not soften, its mechanics in the harsh environment, mechanical properties, etc. No obvious change.

6, rigid, light weight, only half of the glass, a third of the acrylic board, good adaptability and security, easy to handle, drilling, cutting, not easy to break when installation, safe and convenient construction.

7, flexible, can be in accordance with the design adopts cold bending method, at the site installation arched, semicircular roof and Windows. Minimum bending radius of the plate thickness of 175 times, hot bending.

8, sound insulation sex: PC board sound insulation effect is obvious, than the same thickness of glass and acrylic plate has better sound insulation, the thickness under the same conditions, the PC board of sound insulation quantity higher than that of glass 3 - 4 db。 In the world is the first selection of highway noise barrier material.
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