PC endurance plate as a highway overpass or sound insulation screen

by:GWX     2020-08-31

PC board can make the viaduct or highway, rail, such as sound insulation screen. Noise pollution has been a major environmental pollution, there is a big influence on people's mental and physical health, especially in patients with heart disease, noise pollution is a big killer. Now the society more and more people want to live quiet environment, noise interference is let a person awake at night, affect the body health. So now some viaduct have installed sound insulation screen, residents won't wear under the viaduct and channel noise interference. PC endurance plate sound insulation effect is very good, sound insulation screen material especially strong, can resist a once-in-a-century typhoon intensity. What material is suitable for sound insulation screen? Endurance plate manufacturers launched endurance plate, can fight the typhoon, ten years of quality assurance, service life can reach more than 15 years. Many engineering PC endurance plate of choose and buy, price concessions, quality assurance, after-sales service and other advantages. Engineering cases as shown:

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