PC endurance plate as the material to build overpass have what advantage

by:GWX     2020-09-04
Might of many major cities like north guangzhou friends will see, in our city, if you have overpasses, if you want to protect against the maximum guarantee pedestrians will not, will be part of the bridge to enclosed, so in this process, they use most of the material? The answer is PC board.

( 1) The highest safety performance.

may feel a lot of friends in addition to the PC board using some metal or glass is also very good, first of all, that is, if is the use of metal in the hot summer across the bridge and the influence of the closed, will form a large bamboo steamer, many past pedestrians from here will feel unusually hot. It is for the sake of convenient operation, in the end he lets the pedestrian walk very uncomfortable, so people won't use metal material, and glass, once broken, they may also fall down to the road, dangerous.

( 2) The real from the sun and not easy to damage.

the biggest reason people use PC board, because it can create a best and comfortable environment for the bridge, even sleep in the hot summer, walking inside the bridge will also feel a little bit of cool and refreshing, because PC endurance plate has been cut off from most of the sunshine, the second is damaged also won't into fall, there are some cracks will only.
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