PC endurance plate hot-bending bend how to avoid bubbles or white?

by:GWX     2020-08-28
PC endurance plate hot bending, also called hot press molding, is based on the characteristics of thermoplastic PC endurance plate to be heated to a certain temperature, softening occurs after plastic deformation process. A hot bending/bending, PC board PC endurance plate hot bending, also called hot press molding, is based on the characteristics of thermoplastic PC endurance plate to be heated to a certain temperature, softening occurs after plastic deformation process. Endurance plate can be hot bending, can also be cold bending, but because of the cold bending is confined to the linear bending such as simple processing, radian complex processing requirements, such as powerless to need, so not much discussion. Here just share hot bending related topics. PC endurance plate thermal deformation temperature is about 130 ℃ ( 1. 18MPa) , the glass transition temperature of about 150 ℃, higher than the temperature sheet to have hot forming. Heating plate equipment generally by two ways: 1. Hot bending machine, put the PC endurance plate bending parts in heating tube ( Heating wire) Above, after heated to softening, soften it along the heat bending line position. 2. The oven - — The oven heating bending are make tablet PC endurance plate surface change ( In view of the surface) , tablet PC endurance plate into the oven, first overall in the oven heating for a period of time, after waiting for the softening, remove to soften the whole PC endurance plate, on the pre-made mother mold, then use the male mold pressure, such as plate after cooling, can finish the whole process of finalize the design. Second, PC board after heating the leitian bubble of reason and solution on both hot bending machine and oven on PC endurance plate processing, most of the time there will be a bending part foaming, the phenomenon such as white, light affect beautiful, or the scrap, resulting in high attrition rate. Caused by plate blister is usually for two reasons: heating temperature and humidity. 1. If the heating time is too long/PC endurance plate temperature is too high, plate will blister ( Internal temperature is too high, began to melt, external gas into the plate internal) 。 And usually doesn't like late processing plate production of equipment to precise control of temperature and heating time, only by artificial judgment, so bending generally must be completed by experienced professional workers. 2. PC( Polycarbonate) Plank itself can moisture absorption, Under normal atmospheric pressure, 23 ℃, relative humidity 50% bibulous rate is 0. 15%) Therefore, finished product endurance sheet if stored for a long time, tend to adsorb moisture in the air, if not to remove moisture, before molding molding products will appear after the bubble and micro Kong Qun fog, which affect the appearance. To avoid anomalies produced by water, so in front of the hot forming, should be material by low temperature for a period of time predrying, usually under 110 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ temperature setting to remove moisture, in addition to the water temperature is not higher than 130 ℃, in order to prevent the plank to soften. The duration of the moisture removal depends on the moisture of the plate, plate thickness, and the drying temperature. After dividing the sheet of water safety heating to 180 ~ 190 ℃, can easy to deformation. To sum up the PC endurance plate bending is indispensable in the production of endurance plate processing a process, as a production plant, should according to the product specific requirements, comprehensive consider to choose what kind of process, good control each vulnerable point, can produce no blister, size standard PC endurance plate products!
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