PC endurance plate how to maintenance and cleaning?

by:GWX     2020-09-01
In accordance with the right steps, regular cleaning plate with a suitable cleaning solvent and tools, can make the plate is beautiful, and to prolong the service life of plank:
PC board maintenance and cleaning, with water (
1 Below 60 ℃) Rinse;

2, clean soft cloth or sponge dip in neutral soap or detergent gently cleaning dust and dirt on the surface, it is forbidden to use thick fabric or brush contact surface, such as, unique to unavailable, scraping board, razor or other sharp tool endurance plate;

3, rinse again;

4, board face if there is oil, wet paint, glue mark, usable dip in with and without water alcohol soft cloth to wipe off;

5, after the clean, rinse with cold water and dry with a soft cloth sheet, prevent water pollution.

it is recommended to use solvent cleaning

anhydrous alcohol and petroleum ether ( BP65o) And n-hexane.


is not applicable to the detergent is alkaline solution, it erodes the pan. Disable esters, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbon, and all can make the polycarbonate dissolve or swelling of the material.
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