PC endurance plate impact resistant ability to how strong?

by:GWX     2020-09-25
PC board today small make up take you to know about the PC endurance plate how much impact resistant ability strong?

PC board is made of polycarbonate melt after extrusion of monolayer thick plate, its thickness generally range from 1 mm to 18 mm. Because polycarbonate itself features of this material, the endurance plate in addition to the advantages of the flame retardant, transparent, temperature adaptability, there are more than one other lighting plate unique advantages, strong impact resistance.

here, we can not help but ask, PC endurance plate how much impact resistant ability strong? We start with a set of data: PC endurance plate 250 - impact strength is common glass 300 times, 30 times that of the same thickness of acrylic, is 2 - tempered glass 20 times. Data is gorgeous, what is the concept? We will be the same thickness of the common glass, acrylic board, tempered glass on the ground, with different weight of the hammer to fall, two meters from the ground glass can withstand the hammer weight at 0. 02 jins, acrylic can bear the weight of 0. 2 jins, toughened glass can withstand the weight is 3 kg, and the strength of the PC endurance plate also is 3 kg in 6 jins, equivalent to half a shot from two meters high. Of course we didn't do it special precise experiment, but it is undeniable that in compressive environment lighting applications, the need to PC endurance plate when the best choice.

said above, the PC endurance plate can be used in the following environment, highway sound barriers, basketball board, plus the frosted glass can be used as a school blackboard, police shield, bulletproof glass, even a large aquarium world transparent water retaining cover and so on.

of course, in addition to compressive capacity, PC endurance plate of the flame retardant properties, temperature suitability, weatherability, material is qualitative light, flexible, and so on characteristics also provide possibilities for the application of endurance plate. Add some antiskid material, can think of is that in the future PC endurance plate will walk into everyone's family.

the above content is provided by the PC board small make up for your arrangement, I hope you through this article have a deeper understanding of endurance plate!
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