PC endurance plate in handling the matters needing attention

by:GWX     2020-08-30

about PC board coil in handling the matters needing attention, endurance plate manufacturers give advice:

1. Endurance plate must according to the above product label placement, handle with care, stand, dry storage, do not direct contact with chemicals ( Such as paint, gasoline, days that water, banana oil, metope lacquer, etc. ) , otherwise after chemical contamination in freight endurance plate will burst.

2。 Handling in order to make the vertical coil fell to the ground, in the waste tyre or soft cushion pad can be used to the ground, and then push the coil to the tire or soft layer above, at this time should be paid attention to, down the coil just completely held by tires, rolled on the coil from tyre to motor forklift or manual forklift truck dragged on, so that can avoid damage of plates.

more endurance plate handling matters needing attention, can ask endurance plate manufacturers

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