PC endurance plate in the role of city life?

by:GWX     2020-09-04
What is the role of city life over there? Many people may know rural sun room or give some certain plant building greenhouses, will use the PC endurance plate, but don't know the PC endurance plate reaches deep into the all aspects of life in our city, so the PC endurance plate what are the most common in our life?

( 1) Umbrella of a motor vehicle.

if his home is at the edge of the city zone, or have a small garden in the city centre, most would have the courtyard of a small parking lot as their home, but in the case of very high temperature in summer, vehicle exposure under the sun, when we get in the car will be very uncomfortable, so a lot of families use PC endurance plate structures, a small shed, etc. We put the vehicle in the PC endurance plate structures within the carport is very cool, because it can be isolated from 60% ~ 70% or more of the sun.
( 2) The construction of urban overpasses.

now many cities in the construction of the flyover process will take into account the people not to accept to the storm or bridge will be closed up, use PC board, than using any other material to cheaper to peace of mind. Because PC board will not easily fall off, is actually broken happened occasionally, also can present a state of crack, but kept on the surface, not drop and pedestrian.
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