PC endurance plate is the main purpose of what?

by:GWX     2020-09-26
PC endurance plate impact resistance, impact resistance, not broken features, and its tough security, anti-theft, bulletproof effect is very good also, arch, flexible, good workability, high plasticity, can according to the site actual need, bending arched, semicircle style, etc. Because of these characteristics of changzhou PC board, nowadays, it has been widely used in many fields, small make up just under the specific analysis for everyone.

PC endurance plate application places:

is suitable decoration to the landscape, recreational places and places of rest gallery pavilion;

apply to commercial buildings, both inside and outside decoration, modern city building curtain wall;

is suitable for the aviation transparent container, motorcycle front windshield, plane, train, ship, automobile, boat, submarine, and glass, police shield;

is suitable for the phone booth, advertising signs, light box advertising, display exhibition arrangement;

used in instruments, meters, high and low voltage switchgear panel and military industry, etc. ;

is suitable for wall, roof, screen, such as interior decoration materials;

is suitable for the highway and urban highway noise barriers;

applicable to agricultural greenhouse and breeding greenhouses;

is suitable for the modern ecological restaurant ceiling;

are applicable to all units in sheds, balcony inside the village or shade canopy and half-way house roof tent;

is suitable for the office building, department store, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, sports stadiums, entertainment centre and utility lighting ceiling, etc.
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