PC endurance plate is widely used in high-speed rail

by:GWX     2020-08-30

PC endurance plate is a kind of light material, its transparency behind glass, and its high strength and toughness of state building essential building material, we often see carport, canopy, road sound insulation screen, bus stop to use the PC endurance plate, seldom come into contact with the national large-scale construction projects are used to PC endurance plate.

PC endurance plate because of its production process, cost, technology is more complex, relative to other architectural lighting material, can use in the subway station, high-speed PC board its requirement is complex, and cost is high. But most people will choose the PC endurance plate as building materials. Similar to subway, high-speed use PC endurance plate, endurance plate not only good pervious to light, and endurance plate sound insulation effect is obvious, than an equivalent thickness of the glass and the strength plate has a more sound insulation.

PC board in recent years a large number of USES in related to railway, the subway construction, such as wuhan-guangzhou high iron, beijing-guangzhou high-speed, PC endurance plate is widely used in all the city's subway.

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