PC endurance plate of particle board VS grinding plate

by:GWX     2020-08-28
PC board and grind arenaceous endurance plate belongs to the solid slab in the PC endurance plate, so they have what distinction, along with the small make up take a look at ~ PC particle board PC particle board is the PC particle surface is similar to diamond, uneven PC solid sheet, unlike general-purpose PC endurance plate mainly exterior morphology and optical properties, by its own surface concave and convex shape, density of concave and convex and size made through different sheet of light scattering and transmission to like not through, like see a blur. Particle board can be divided into drill stone, litchi, water lines, etc. , pervious to light performance is good, the sunlight will not produce yellow, atomization, pervious to light, and its surface has frosted effect, with functions of astigmatism, can produce excellent optical performance, widely used in building and decorating materials. Features: 1, particle board surface in enhanced interrupt sex at the same time, can be reflected the strong light of direct illuminate, shoot the reflected light, make the light is downy, reduce light pollution; 2, beautiful modelling beautiful, the surface resistance to scratching, suitable for all kinds of design; Type 3, the raindrops against properties of particleboard was stronger than diamond particles. PC frosted frosted panel PC board and grind arenaceous endurance plate, on its surface is full of bump particles, particle board, but relative to the PC frosted glass plate uniform particles more smooth and delicate, the basic physical and chemical properties are very close to the ordinary flat panel PC endurance. It has frosted glass the same visual effect, also be used as interior decoration, partition and so on. In addition, it also has the impact resistance of polycarbonate (PC) can be generally, flame retardant, sound insulation, etc. PC frosted slabs have the function of the diffuse light, can make the light distribution more uniform, light penetrates the PC frosted plate after more downy, foil a warmth, refined flavor, commonly used for lighting and other fields. Application scope: 1, is suitable decoration to the landscape, recreational place hall singular gallery pavilion and resting places; 2, apply to commercial buildings, both inside and outside decoration, modern city building curtain wall; 3, is suitable for the aviation transparent container, motorcycle front windshield, aircraft, train, ship, automobile, boat, submarine, and glass, police shield; 4, apply to a telephone booth, advertising signs, light boxes, advertising display and exhibition arrangement; 5, suitable for wall, roof, screen and other high-end interior decoration materials; 6, architectural lighting, interior partition/screen, kitchen cupboard door, interior decoration, furniture, bathroom design.
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