PC endurance plate open the right way

by:GWX     2020-08-27
Commuters crowded subway every day, everywhere is all sorts of subway advertising ~ on billboards, in addition to creative, you ever thought of the subway billboard choose what material? You see every day in the subway advertising light box panels, most of them are from polycarbonate sheets. PC board has a very wide range of applications, especially in the construction market, such as: subway station of light boxes, LED lighting and noise barriers, and other fields. Subway station is one of the most populated area personnel, modern facilities construction of metro stations puts forward higher requirements for safety and beautiful. Compared with glass and acrylic, PC board material properties in various aspects has a strong advantage. When the polycarbonate sheet material used in advertisements on panel, it not only meet the requirements of the national building code fire rating; Don't broken, in the crowded area provide good security; Weight is the glass half, is very convenient for daily change of advertising. Polycarbonate sheet materials using LED lighting, it also meet the requirements of the national building code fire rating; And have a high impact strength and smoothness support large size flat lamp modelling; And can provide cutting processing, cold bending and other supporting services. In addition, Shanghai PC ( Polycarbonate) One of the strengths of the plank material can not be ignored is the excellent sound insulation performance, its high impact strength, reduce the griding, daily maintenance.
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