PC endurance plate skylight canopy appear slack, deformation

by:GWX     2020-08-30
Now as the economy and so on various aspects of rapid development, the application scope of PC endurance plate also continuously expanding, and it also get the advantages of the industry has been recognized and praised. Small make up recently learned that reflect a lot of customers, using endurance plate structures, skylight canopy will seeping in. So PC endurance plate for you today to just simple introduce the cause of seepage water of endurance plate appear: 1, design reason: the physical properties of the endurance plate and glass aluminum and stone difference is very big, endurance plate its thermal expansion coefficient is about 7 times that of the common glass. Cause joint between endurance plate plate is much bigger than ordinary glass or aluminum. If not directly calculated according to the experience value of endurance plate on the top of the glass lighting design, daylighting top will be caused by change of joint top endurance plate glue line rupture of leaking. Good design is plugging and steam water two phase matching. 2, install the reason: because endurance plate density is small, the same as the glass is the volume weight is only 1/12 of the glass - 1/15, so it is easy to carry, installation, and can lighten the weight of the building, but it is because of endurance plate has the characteristics of light, the wind load should be considered when installation or other external force caused by the plate flexural deformation, avoid causing sealing seam of shape, craze. Purlin mounting surface is not in the same surface is also unable to guarantee the leakproof. 3, the selection of sealant, sealant quality is bad or improper selection endurance plate is one of the main reasons for daylighting top cracking leakage. 4, using different raw materials: a lot of customers will choose to use recycle material to produce the endurance of plate, the poor quality of endurance plate quality is bad, use for a long time or factors can cause the phenomenon of water seepage from the outside. Above is to introduce the PC endurance plate, small make up think if at the time of purchase to choose quality good endurance plate, let the professional installation team, the installation process pay more attention to believe that there will be no water seepage phenomenon.
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