PC endurance plate the impact resistance of high compressive strength using common

by:GWX     2020-09-23

PC board is made from a thick poly carbonate particles melt after extrusion, only a single panel has a 'transparent thick steel plate,' said, the alternated from 0. 3 mm to 20 mm. Because of the nature of the poly carbonate such raw materials, prompting endurance plate except the flame retardancy, transparent, temperature adaptability etc, and have a strong impact resistant ability.
PC endurance plate the impact resistance of high compressive strength using common
PC board's ability to resist shock compressive strength endurance have how old? Below information for your detailed analysis: PC endurance plate shock compressive strength is common glass - 250 300 times, is 30 times the same thick acrylic board, tempered laminated glass is 2 - 20 times. As thick as the general glass, acrylic board, tempered laminated glass in the pavement, with different net weight of hammer head from 2 meters to land, laminated glass can take hammer head net weight in 0. 02 jins, acrylic can assume the net weight in 0. 2 jins, tempered laminated glass can assume the net weight is 3 kg, and PC endurance plate bear ability also is 3 kg in 6 jins. There is no doubt in must be in the compressive strength of the natural environment of light use, PC endurance plate.
according to the above details, PC endurance plate to use in the natural environment, highway sound insulation board, basketball board, plus the ground yarn blackboard as a school, police equipment large shield, explosion-proof glass, and is large and medium-sized fish tank aquarium global transparent water retaining cover all these.

among compressive strength, the flame retardant properties of PC endurance plate, temperature scope, ageing resistance, light material, can be bent, the use of these features as well as endurance plate to produce infinite potential. Plus some ground antiskid material, PC board in the future may walk into every corner of the people daily life.
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