PC endurance plate thickness?

by:GWX     2020-08-31
For customers did not buy PC board, because the measuring method of 3 mm thick endurance plate don't understand. PC board in all transparent material is very important to the requirement of endurance plate thickness, its thickness directly influences the performance of the plate in a fixed application environment, mainly reflected in the impact resistance and service life, etc. But due to lack of customers more professional measuring tool and the correct measuring methods lead to some unscrupulous manufacturers have an opportunity, the chance to cut corners on plate thickness, earn huge profits. In view of this, Shanghai PC board manufacturer for clients both accurate measurement method used for reference. First we will gauge or tape to '0' position. Ready to need to measure the endurance of plate products, carefully tear endurance plate surface protective film, to ensure that the endurance plate layout no foreign body. Will measure caliper to horizontal card into the PC endurance plate, pressure gauge button gently, observation records of digital caliper. Remember the following steps, in accordance with this method on endurance plate four to two to three points, add up to less than need to measure the position of the 8 to 12 points and do the record, will be average each point data is relatively accurate endurance plate thickness, and reference in comparison with the custom thickness of plate. If the error within 3%, the qualified. For example, 1 mm endurance plate should be 0. 97毫米, 1. Between 3 mm and 10 mm endurance plate shall be controlled in 9. 7mm- 10. Within 3 mm. Shanghai new material, is a collection of 'independent research and development, production, sales integration of PC materials professional manufacturers. For many years, from the perspective of the features, the fusion element market demand, improve manufacturing technology, innovative research and development of new product material. Always committed to provide customers with more perfect, more close to the customer demand the high quality of products. We undertake the national various sunshine board, endurance plate production projects, provide thoughtful online full service, free consultation.
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