PC endurance plate used in what place?

by:GWX     2020-09-01
Both PC endurance plate and glass are now on the market of the common light building material, and they both have their advantages and disadvantages, respectively applicable in different occasions. Here are compare PC endurance plate and glass are put together, see how the results?
to say weight, under the condition of same specifications is of course the PC endurance plate and lighter, and it has the characteristics of flexible, can illustrate the PC endurance plate is suitable for narrow space with a special Angle, can be used for all kinds of space, convenient construction. Secondly, under the same thickness PC board in a covered the high frequency sound better than glass.

in the process of practical application, the glass in case of strong wind and earthquake rupture risk is very big, even tempered glass is the same. But PC endurance boards don't have such worries, so its strength is common glass 250 times, is 50 - tempered glass 100 times, even with a hammer percussion, also won't break.

if with glass as building materials, usually use is legal, is to two pieces of thin glass to synthesize into a thick piece of glass. After long time of weathering, harmful because of glue embrittlement and security issues. So from a security perspective, or suggest you try to use the PC endurance plate.

PC board compared to glass, its larger thermal expansion coefficient is not easy in the transport will scratch, scratch caused by fog, etc. ; And more smooth the surface of the glass is not easy to absorb dust, so in should emphasis on the scenic spots of landscape rather than safety and landscape number crunchers, glass for the choice of most people.
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