PC endurance plate what are the advantages compared with other commonly used material

by:GWX     2020-08-28
Said to PC polycarbonate sheet, whether sunshine board or endurance plate, manufacturers in the process of introducing will improve this kind of strong characteristics, especially the endurance plate there is 'not' broken glass 'bullet-proof glass' the laudatory name, but some customers are more questions, don't think the board that is plastic material, can have many strong? So PC sheet strength performance is there? A Hollywood blockbuster hit before the giant specimens, there is a bridge, we Chinese actress li bingbing's Zhang Suyin giant tooth shark in the sea to kill myself, to protect her that cage material, is the use of polycarbonate special custom, and finally in a giant tooth shark's teeth teeth under fierce attack, still can't shake, to see all of the impact resistance of polycarbonate (PC) is also the most intuitive feelings. Actually PC polycarbonate sheets which are plastic material, but it is a kind of high performance engineering plastics, known as 'plastics king', the PC endurance of the same thick plate 200 - resistance to impact strength is common glass 20-300 times, it is tempered glass 30 times, at present the bank's security doors, safe and so on for the high resistance to impact and safety requirements of the project, mostly made of PC even bullet dozen don't wear. Because of the impact resistance of the PC board is superior, high security, good flame retardant performance, nice appearance, easy to install, high cost performance, and so on many other advantages, more and more high-grade villas residential, commercial buildings, government image engineering quality and the grade of the favour of the project, also more and more appear in our daily life, he became a 'national good material' on the road more walk more smoothly.
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