PC endurance plate will replace toughened glass?

by:GWX     2020-08-25

PC endurance plate will replace toughened glass? Believe that many people have such doubt. Throughout the decades of reform and opening-up, the development of the PC board quickly occupied the huge building decoration market, it can be said that 90% of glass can be used can use PC board to replace, can not help but imagination: glass will be replaced by a PC board? PC endurance plate will replace toughened glass? Simply tell the different PC endurance plate with toughened glass.

toughened glass is common glass through the uniform heating, when close to the softening point, according to the different thickness with the corresponding cooling speed uniform cooling. Strong internal stress is generated in the glass lining of tensile stress and compressive stress in the stability of the outer stress equilibrium.

PC endurance plate ( Also known as PC boards, polycarbonate solid sheet, bulletproof glass, takashi kapoor sheet and solid sheet and polycarbonate plate, aviation perspective) Is a high-performance engineering plastics polycarbonate or polycarbonate.

1, the flame retardant sex: PC endurance plate spontaneous combustion temperature of 630 ℃ ( Plank combustibility reached GB ( 8624 - 1997 flame retardant B1 level) , belongs to the difficult combustion engineering materials.

2, chemical KangFuXing: PC endurance plate has good chemical KangFuXing, at room temperature can all kinds of organic acid, inorganic acid, weak acid, vegetable oil, neutral salt solution, and the erosion of alcohol.

3, heat resistance, cold resistance, good PC endurance plate heat resistance is poor, can adapt to various weather changes from cold to hot, in - 40 ℃ to + 120 ℃ range various physical performance is stable.

4, chemical light: PC endurance plate in visible and near infrared spectroscopy with high light transmittance. Depending on the different colors, light transmittance can reach 12% 88%.

5, resistance to ultraviolet ray, prevent ageing: PC endurance plate surface with uv co-extrusion layer, good outdoor weathering resistance, use for a long time to maintain good optical properties and mechanical properties of can.

6, PC endurance plate with high impact strength, is 30 times the size of tempered glass, have no broken glass.

so say: PC endurance plate will replace toughened glass? What's your answer?

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