PC film build switch what are the advantages?

by:GWX     2020-09-27
Transparent PC membrane switch panel switch board is a new kind of fashion, is based on rigid or flexible printed circuit board substrate, installation have feel or not feel buttons, printing with color decorative pattern of plastic film panel set switch function and decorate function in the integration of electronic components. So, this switch what are the advantages? Will quickly follow under the small make up together to get to know!

1, membrane switch and membrane switch between lining bubble film is to be the keys to reduce pressure, prevent failure, should be retained;

2, membrane switch, both the front of the transparent membrane is to protect the membrane switch display window, do not tear easily;

3, take out a few pieces of membrane switch, in accordance with the same beam is good, but absolutely can't bundle is too tight;

4, a handle, a large number of film stickers, membrane switch, packing and needs to be kept upright, prevent button long time stress failure;

5, membrane switch wire to protect good, can't line down placed;

6, show window membrane switch, put in, to prevent the material stress bending, will leave crease;

7, membrane switch for interesting indoor, dustproof, should do moistureproof processing, around without acid, alkali or other corrosive gases in the air.
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