PC plugboard insulation good safety and reliability

by:GWX     2020-08-31
Ordinary glass curtain wall because of its high heat transfer coefficient, huge loss of indoor heat easily, heating need to consume more energy, this is an increase in operating costs. So, is there a better material? PC sunshine board may be more advantages than glass insulation of exterior wall materials. Thermal insulation advantages 1, office buildings, shopping malls need long time to open the heating, energy is huge. The PC sunshine board has a lower heat transfer coefficient ( K value) , only 1. 1 - 4. 1 w/m2 ℃, higher than the equivalent thickness of glass heat insulation performance - 7 25%, the thermal insulation performance of up to 49%. Lower heat transfer coefficient can reduce the transmission of indoor and outdoor temperature, don't worry about the indoor temperature is too low, more can save heat energy through heat preservation, to achieve the effect of comfort, energy conservation and environmental protection both. 2 large shopping malls, prevent hail storm stream, you need to ensure that the public security, to withstand natural disasters. PC sunshine board has strong resistance to impact strength, is 250 times that of the same thickness of the glass, organic glass, 30 times that of the 20 times of toughened glass, can the building against hail, such as typhoon, artificial collision accident harm, the fracture resistance makes PC sunshine board that will not happen rupture accident, PC sunshine board is definitely more than glass key materials to ensure the safety of personnel. 3, flame retardant fire according to the national standard GB8624 - 2006 confirmed that PC sunshine board in class B, their ignition point as high as 580 ℃, from the self-extinguishing fire, burning will not produce poisonous gas, don't feed the fire from spreading. The fire prevention performance level is more suitable for shopping malls, office buildings such a crowded place, conform to the requirements of the public security. 4, daylighting enough natural light to save energy supplement for office buildings, shopping malls to reduce the use of lamplight, achieve the purpose of save energy, therefore, the transmission of light are equally important. Light transmittance of 23 - PC sunshine board 80%, can be adjusted according to the practical application and color light transmittance. Good light transmittance can guarantee inside the office buildings, shopping malls get sufficient natural lighting complement, reduce the energy required for the lighting. The droplets are varieties of PC sunshine board can dredge the formation of the water temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, you can let light transmittance guaranteed, also can avoid the water is full of surface, ensure good offices and shopping experience. 5, long service life of the building curtain wall commonly used in office buildings and shopping malls, large quantities, material nature needs a longer service life. PC sunshine board manufacturer can add uv coating on the PC board, can resist ultraviolet ray, prolonging the life of the plate. Through the auxiliary co-extrusion PC sunshine board the most reliable, service life can reach more than 10 years.
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