PC power plugboard into construction industry 'darling'

by:GWX     2020-08-31
Splice sunshine board is a kind of planar polycarbonate hollow sheet, multilayer structure design, satisfies the requirement of the strength of the building facade installation. Flanking each plate, using the concave and convex card buckle lock itself form, beautiful; Concave and convex card button at the bottom of the reserved space, put in T shape aluminum fasteners, T aluminum with self tapping screw fasteners fixed in the bottom of the steel structure, installation is convenient; In meeting the whole building structure, on the basis of stability, can eliminate the longitudinal steel structure to a great extent, save a lot of steel, cost savings. Splice sunshine board plug type multilayer structure sunshine board curtain wall dedicated splice sunshine board - functional sunshine sunshine board PC board is also called the hollow plate, glass kapoor, PC board. Four plugboard USES 4 layer rectangular structure, width of 500 mm, the thickness of up to 40 mm, length can make any length according to the demand, very suitable for use in a vertical wall, partition wall construction, etc. Fire prevention level of B1 level. The special plug structure does not need additional, smooth and beautiful, convenient and easy to install. Special 1 splice sunshine plate, curtain wall. Good pervious to light can make double UV UV coating as required, better protection sheet 2. Light weight, strong resistance to impact proportion was only about half of the glass, save transportation, unloading, installation and support framework cost. 3. Flame retardant national standard GB50222 - Confirmed that 95 P C sunshine board difficulty level, namely the B1 level. Ignition point is 580 ℃, PC board itself from the self-extinguishing fire, burning will not produce poisonous gas, don't feed the fire from spreading. 4. Can be bending can be in accordance with the design adopts cold bending method, at the site installation arched, semicircular roof and Windows. Minimum bending radius of the plate thickness of 175 times, hot bending. 5. Sound insulation, energy saving, PC board in - strong adaptability to temperature At 40 ℃ cold short, does not occur at 125 ℃ not soften, its mechanics in the harsh environment, mechanical properties, etc. No obvious change. 6. Weather resistance P C sunshine board can be - 40 ℃ to 120 ℃ scope to keep the stability of the physical indicators. Artificial climate ageing test 4000 hours, yellowing degree is 2, light transmittance lower value only 0. 6%. 7. Prevent dewing temperature 0 ℃ outdoor, indoor temperature is 23 ℃, the indoor relative humidity under 80% when, the inner surface of the material not condensation. Will dew along the plate surface run off, not dripping. Splice sunshine board, can be widely used in all kinds of buildings ( Public, industrial, civil, commercial, etc. ) The daylighting of the roof and interior decoration; The train traffic airport waiting hall and overpasses, channel, ceiling; Bus station, ferry terminals and other public service facilities of roof and decorative garden sketch, agricultural greenhouse and indoor breeding shed roof, roof and shopping centers; Noise barriers billboard advertising, advertising light boxes and display exhibition layout, etc.
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