PC sunshine board anti aging preventive measures have?

by:GWX     2020-08-28
With the rapid development of economy, our products have been replaced by new ones. We will find in daily life can be seen everywhere in the glass products are gradually replaced by the emergence of new products. Glass products market in just a few years have been almost completely replace PC sunshine board. So what PC sunshine board is a kind of product can quickly occupy the glass market, and sought after by all of us? If this is because the PC sunshine moderators to high performance engineering plastics Polycarbonate ( PC) Resin processing. Its advantage is that with high transparency, quality of a material is very light, strong impact resistance, sound insulation effect is good, strong heat insulation, good flame retardant, longer service life, etc. , is a high-tech, comprehensive performance is very outstanding, energy efficient and environmentally friendly plastic sheet. So small make up with you today to discuss how to prevent aging PC sunshine board problem? PC sunshine board is produced by polycarbonate material, as a kind of polymer material, the illuminate of sunshine, and influenced for a long time in use process will appear dirty appearance, light transmittance, color yellow at the same time; Internal performance is a physical performance degradation, loss had higher impact strength and tensile strength, easy to break. We often see and inferior sunshine board, in use after a period of time, become transparency is very poor, some began to burst, crisp, even is the PC sunshine board aging performance. Next, let us know the PC sunshine board aging proof measures and solutions of PC sunshine board how to solve the problem of ultraviolet ray? First of all, on the choice of PC material should choose as far as possible the extrusion grade PC material with good quality, as far as possible need not the secondary material. Because secondary materials such as recycling materials due to the processing after the first, is likely to be introduced in the material degradation impurities such as PC, these impurities are very easy to be a cause of PC aging, eventually reduced costs, not only affect the quality of the product, the future bring losses could be far more than the early come down a little cost. Second, is to be carried out on the PC board anti aging treatment, especially UV resistance. Anti aging treatment was carried out on the PC board there are three main methods: one is added in the resin PC ontology anti-aging agents such as ultraviolet absorbent; 2 it is outside the PC board in extrusion surface coated with a layer of resistance to UV coating; 3 it is crowded with outside the PC board surface at the same time covering a thin layer of UV resistance. Due to user requirements for the service life of PC sunshine board at least more than five years, or longer, if add anti-aging agent directly in the PC resin, the adding amount of anti-aging additives required is very high, and to the plate because of the addition of uv absorbent and itself with yellow, impact plate appearance. Of course in life and cosmetic requirements is not high, this method is the most simple and cost-effective. Even in such a case, small make up recommend related manufacturers use weather resistance masterbatch or UV resistance masterbatch. In the PC board outside surface coating UV resistant coating is also in the industry many measures taken by the manufacturer, but coating coating process of late in the PC board, easy tear etc. Problem between the coating and plank, also give the manufacturer a lot of frustration. At present, the industry is the best way to take outside the PC board surface and co-extrusion covering a thin layer of UV resistance as a protective layer. Way is in a protective layer can be anti-aging additives (higher concentration, effective barrier to uv light, avoid the PC board by radiation and premature aging; Both to reduce the cost, so far more than in the PC the whole board the dosage of the adding anti-aging agent less; Three is a protective coating resins are based on PC and PC board itself, compatibility and caking are no problem, and higher degree of automation of co-extrusion directly, can be directly to shape.
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