PC sunshine board finished carport good material

by:GWX     2020-08-25
Along with the social advancement speeding up unceasingly, the urban construction including community construction are also constantly improve development, our country's economic level, the car for the masses is increasing, so there have been new problems - — Parking is difficult! In the face of these cars, inside the village began to set up the underground parking lot, in order to solve the vehicle increase inconvenience also greatly save space on the ground. And installed in the underground parking lot entrances and exits on the carport is also necessary, shed on the plate, you may have seen the big area of the underground parking lot entrances carport although color, style each different, but the basic PC sunshine planks. So, what the reason, the preferred PC ? Sunshine board with high transparency, qualitative light, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-aging, etc, because of its outstanding advantages, long service life, therefore widely used in greenhouses, carport, canopy, YuDa, sun room, lighting and other fields. Underground entrances carport also need to consider to the problem of waterproof and drainage, surface is smooth, rain weather, the rain down naturally, will not cause a large backlog, and carport bearing strength is very strong, even if the snow, hail, such as weather, also don't have to worry about the carport collapse damage, etc. So the underground carport gateway install is very safe and useful. In addition, the color of the can also select custom, sunshade function, when the car pulled out from the parking lot darker strong sunlight will affect driver line of sight, cause the unsafe factors, if the for shading effect, make the drivers get a buffer, won't appear such circumstance. And board the southern slope of a high quality the sun have a UV coating, can effectively prevent ultraviolet ray, to some extent, can avoid the happening of the accident.
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