PC sunshine board, U lock plate installation

by:GWX     2020-08-30
Hollow structure sun plate was designed by plate developed by commodity, assemble the good daylighting, insulating high strength, and other functions. Another sunshine of this kind of lock plate, screw can be perfect to avoid the problems such as thermal expansion and leak proof, and its bearing effect also is very good. For many customers, one of the biggest problems about sunshine board is installation problem, a screw to install the stand or fall of often contact later use time are great. So, about U sunshine lock gusset plate installation, small make up have the words to say. U lock gusset plate installation process to clarify: 1, cut to the request dimension sheet will be cut to a specific length, two head should be hung up do not exceed 100 mm. Claims to have at least 50 mm plate into the sink. Device with the exquisite toothed blade circular saw or portable saws to cut the sheet into a specific length of block, can make the cut is more simple, the quality is very good. Article 2, to the aluminum seal cut off with a small disk opener ( 2 mm thick) , at the edge of the plate edges of two produced 18 mm deep level cut. Cutting should be parallel to the top of the plate, but it can't damage the plate surface. The process precision demand, so strongly advocated cut off before the assembly. 3, remove the cut using a vacuum cleaner or a blow gun air compressor, will remain within the plate debris or particulate matter blown away, Ensure no plastic casing plate both) 。 4, put the top piece of board on symmetric device - Ensure the top plates of planning, from the beginning of component base ( To the calculation results by the following formula: 1 / component width plate width/X2 + 2) 。 About the 'edge to edge' device - Is the top piece of board to device to the flank face rain board. 5, aluminum alloy fittings if choose, is aluminum alloy fittings' R ', in front of the device, to both sides along a given line in fitting good 7 mm diameter holes. After lock together, M6 screw through the advance in a hole drilled in the aluminum alloy fittings, lock ( Ensure the lock, but do not overtighten) 。 6, remove the outer membrane cover plate device, the outer PE film peel maintenance immediately. If late night jie will be very difficult, In the summer, will be at the top of the membrane directly remove the maintenance, to avoid film and sheet together) 。 Repeat process until everything except the tail plate plate has good device. 7, concluded that the tail plate width required using a circular saw ( Device the exquisite sawtooth) Or vertical saws to cut the tail end of the plate width to demand. 8, along the u-shaped plate of trimming, set into the aluminum profiles (F Has been cut to the required scale) To ensure tight sets. 9, to raise the end plate, on bearing, repetitive process, aluminum profiles with the last time F purlin or main purlin tail bite ( Plate, if be fixed to a metal purlin, ensure that the end of the purlin is closed) 。 10, with drlling screw fixed purlin or F profile to the end of the main purlin. 11, beginning at the top of the plank of device U profile sheet with tight end U profile designed to bite, so start time to end up, then slowly pat, until completely into tight. PC U profile ( For the u-shaped plate 8 - 10 mm) Available to handle gently pat, and aluminum U profile ( U plate - 18 20 mm) With a rubber hammer. About U lock sunshine board installation, small make up first introduced to here, more about PC sunshine board, board, wave tile, endurance plugboard, lock the gusset plate, canopy contents welcome pay close attention to us at any time!
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