PC sunshine board used for noise barriers

by:GWX     2020-08-28

PC sunshine board is widely used for noise barriers for beautiful appearance.

noise barrier PC sunshine sunshine board sound insulation effect depends on the PC board structure with PC sunshine plate thickness. Double PC sunshine board in 8 mm to 10 mm of sound insulation effect is different, 10 MMPC can reduce sunshine board 20 decibels; Double PC sunshine sunshine board with three layers of PC board in the same sound insulation effect is also different, the thickness of 16 mm PC sunshine three layer plate can reduce 25 decibels.

PC sunshine board used for noise barriers, PC sunshine board diversity, structure, color diversity. PC board a beautiful sunshine, as a new building decoration materials, PC sunshine board is a kind of pretty green decorative materials, PC sunshine board now being more and more people are chosen for curtain wall decoration, can have the effect of beautiful, also can achieve the effect of sound insulation.

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