PC sunshine board used in greenhouses roofing material

by:GWX     2020-08-25
Sunshine board ( PC board) Material is a kind of high quality plastic products, and given its advantage many widely used in agricultural production. Today, we introduce the top plate on the top of the glass greenhouse and sunshine greenhouse installation details and specifications. We must first understand the of agricultural production with installation, on the surface of the glass greenhouse to the top of the triangle in the top has a certain slope, rain and snow dust will land on down the slope to sink in. So we need to pay attention to the following when installing. A, sun look opposite due to sun plate used in greenhouses, will consider the external protection against ultraviolet and laminar flow inside the drops of fog dispersal. In order to solve these two problems, board in the production of agricultural greenhouse sun will add a layer of UV protection on the front of the UV coating, the coating greatly increase the lifespan of the . Agricultural inside in order to let the water flows down the bevel set dew groove inside to also add a layer of coating, the coating effect is dripping and fog dispersal. So remember when installing face up, otherwise the service life of serious agricultural greenhouse sunlight plate. Second, sun plate width agricultural greenhouse sunlight plate due to considering the pervious to light quality, generally use 8 mm hollow slab, light transmittance about eighty percent. Agriculture to the composition of the on a strip of arrangement. Formal lengthwise direction when installation is long , the direction of the strip is arranged for sunshine plate width. So we at the time of custom agricultural commonly used models of 1. 95 m in width and length according to the agriculture greenhouse field purline length measurement customization. Agricultural greenhouse sunlight plate width influence the bending and the load and the fixed number of year. Embellish tome of agriculture focused on agriculture project planning and design, ecological restaurant, greenhouses, intelligent greenhouses, pavilions greenhouses, photovoltaic greenhouses, greenhouses, tobacco greenhouses, greenhouse accessories, garden flowers greenhouse, glass greenhouse, PC greenhouse, the film greenhouse, water-saving irrigation equipment, seedbed equipment of modern agricultural facilities such as design, development, production and sales, installation and after sales in a body's comprehensive modern agricultural high-tech enterprises. Three, package while the above we know on the agricultural use of double hollow board is a strip of sunshine, each strip is the same, up and down we need before installing the plate with aluminum foil tape will be two holes to the ends of the wrapped up. So that strip was formed within a closed space, external dust, vapor would not go inside. If installation personnel leave out the procedure, the late sun plate internal dirty easily, but internal cannot clean, seriously affect the of light transmittance and service life. Four, installation using neutral silicone rubber, the glue will not corrosion of sheet forming. Long service life, good sealing.
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