PC sunshine board when handling matters needing attention

by:GWX     2020-08-30

first of all thank you for your trust to PC sunshine board! In order to ensure that 100% of the PC sunshine plate loading and unloading, please you understand our PC sunshine board in handling matters needing attention.

1, tile to place: purchased to use hands to catch the sun plate edge banding tape one end of the sealing side, one person hard hard wobble plate, the plate from each other a lot of air into the board with board between completely, gently pull up, other people hold the plate at the bottom of the plate away together, the strength should be uniform, careful around the plate bruised, ban around the plate with the hand to lift away ( Can avoid the sunshine board were broken so bad) 。 Note that both sides of the plate ( No both sides of the sealing side of rubber sealing side) Need not to catch with the hand, carefully cut hand. Should be paid attention to when stacked, must follow the sheet length pull up or stacked, ban on both sides of the plate drag, which can avoid the protective film was rolled up rubbing against each other. Stack height to 70 cm long, with the smooth paper bags or cloth items such as the board that has been neatly stacked two Angle at the end of the wrapped ( Angle position should be in every lift plate piled up on the collision and friction plate on) , can avoid scratch when stacking the above board, each pile is wrapped in the plate Angle packet, straight no longer stack.

2, placed side should be paid attention to: wear gloves, grasp the edge of the plate and lift the plate side walk together, into the designated position, must strength, avoid to touch the bad board.

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