PC sunshine plate processing method

by:GWX     2020-09-23
Prevention of pm10 special PC sunshine board, promote the PC board in the field of agriculture greenhouse vegetables, ecological garden restaurant got more widely used. At present in all of the PC board manufacturers, as is known to all, according to statistics, since entering the market in our country, to be used in our country nearly dry million square meters. polycarbonate solid sheet cutting and installation for the service life of the sunshine board is very important, proper operation can greatly improve the use time of the PC board. How do
PC board cut? Start PC sunshine board can use sharp wallpaper cutting: under the condition of cutting attention, to make the plate fixed good, because if the vibration is overmuch, can promote the plank crack. In a clear maintenance condition, note no alkali detergent agent to remove such as analytical chemistry, don't use mass brush surface polishing, avoid sheet surface fuzz.

the current PC sunshine board warranty 10 years, the particulate matter agricultural tricycle board double tenth years warranty. In a key in the sunlight board production and processing technology, — PCUV coating professional, popular point is sunshine plate filter ultraviolet effect, so can avoid the long-term sun exposure, promote the sunshine board ageing, open a blocking ultraviolet light in sunlight plate surface, to switch the outside surface during installation.
the impact of the PC board can ensure 3 kg/cm, destructive tensile strength of PC endurance is generally 250 - laminated glass 300 times, is a 20 - acrylic plate plate 30 times, 2 times that of explosion-proof glass laminated glass, most of the risk source without crack. The following two meters with 3 kg hammer falling also seamless, have not broken glass and ring steel. PC board processing impact resistance makes it can be cold drawing forming, at room temperature can also be sheet metal bending processing. Have a big small and medium-sized CNC shearing machine and oven equipment, can produce 2 for the PC board. 5 meters long for cold-drawn precision mould and sheet metal bending processing. PC board can be used in accordance with the drawings for the construction project construction site construction way of cold drawn, installation into arc, semicircular roof and Windows. Bending radius for the use of plate thickness of at least 100 times.

with imported high quality PC board processing for plate, according to the consumer to provide construction drawings or product samples for hand carved. Company introduction of big small and medium-sized CNC hand carved industrial equipment, its precision can manipulate at 0. 07 mm to 1300 mm * 2500 mm specifications sheet in all kinds of hand carved in the shape of cutting, all kinds of plane design round hole, round hole and the hole, considering the consumers on the operation panel, shielding, dialog boxes and other aspects of the various processing standards.

PC use special strong glue to bonding, PC board processing material is firm, having a unique style, did not leave a gravure printing, various box body are available, and industrial equipment services products, arts and crafts, etc.
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