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by:GWX     2020-09-02

your workshop, warehouse, skylight, kiln PC wave plate installed? ' 'PC wave plate is polycarbonate ( PC) Engineering plastics as the main raw material. Its high pervious to light, heat preservation, impact resistance, uv resistance, resistance to yellowing, excellent flame retardant, qualitative light, easy installation and so on at the same time, the performance of the physical and mechanical stability and had more good leakproof performance.

environmental: 1. 0 MMPC wave plate tasteless no radiation, no in the process of production and use of toxic substances, can use recycled products, for the modern new type of green environmental protection building materials. Waterproof: due to the special structure of the wave plate is made by the interface more close-grained, this type of tile that won't appear due to screw extrusion deformation gap caused by leakage of air leakage problems. Waterproof properties is better than that of endurance plate, sunshine board, save installation accessories, installation convenience, and compared with plate thickness of endurance, the strength of a wave plate high.

simulated hail impact test: in a simulated hail impact testing machine simulation hail impact, will be 20 mm diameter ( 4. 8 g) The nylon ball firing at the speed of 21 m/s on the model, the damage of the observation model, the results found or broken glass and acrylic have burst, and the PC transparent wave tile is not burst. Real life, 20 mm diameter hail will speed up to 21 m/s.

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