Pervious to light quality and endurance plate which factors

by:GWX     2020-09-04

have to admit that endurance plate is widely used now, from all walks of life to be able to see the figure of endurance plate. Endurance shack invention that endurance plate was a higher demand for the steps, endurance houses being popular, the main reason is pervious to light quality, endurance plate so endurance plate pervious to light quality is related to what factors?
the influencing factors of endurance plate pervious to light quality

the light transmittance of transparent polycarbonate endurance plate, it depends on its thickness is 77 - 83%. Board effectively absorb ultraviolet light, because one side has a protective coating ( Insert the overlapping extrusion) , absorb the UVS. KPK panel can be used outdoors, and their properties remain unchanged for a long time. Provides the best protection from the weather conditions and a longer life expectancy, according to different applications and requirements have different qualities.
endurance plate surface hardness 5 times stronger than general polycarbonate plate surface, the sandstorm caused by scratching is greatly improved. By solvent test, the more beautiful endurance plate proves that the new plate can completely by such as butanone, days that water, alcohol, hydrochloric acid and the erosion of xylene and so on, this innovation, solved a big Achilles' heel of polycarbonate material, make sheet of self-cleaning ability was strengthened at the same time, also greatly improve the durability, polycarbonate is applied to building materials most groundbreaking research. Development to more excellent performance of square format and honeycomb, jump the endurance plate manufacturers are connected by a single-layer u-shaped structure, expand into double H form connection structure, and good dimming lighting awning system.

endurance plate not only transmission of light, and corrosion resistance and impact resistance, endurance plate made of PC can in a relatively wide temperature range for a long time to maintain good shock resistance, are 'not broken glass' and the 'ring of steel' laudatory name.
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