Plastic endurance plate classification daquan

by:GWX     2020-08-29

PC( Polycarbonate) Endurance plate is also called safety glass, only half as much as that of the general glass strong impact resistance, high transparency, handling the installation time, widely used in commercial buildings, home decoration, municipal construction, etc. Tablet PC endurance plate consists of PC, PC particle board, PC frosted board, PC optical diffuser plate, PC bulletproof plate.

PC particles in enhanced resistance to break the surface of the plate at the same time, can be reflected the strong light of direct illuminate, reflect light, the light is downy, reduces the light pollution. Elegant and bright, the surface resistance to scratching, suitable for all kinds of design.

PC frosted panel board face uniform distribution of fine particles, special shape, surface through a sheet of light scattering and transmission so as to achieve through the transparent, like see the blurred vision effect, apply to the bathroom, screen, and furniture, etc. In addition, the PC frosted slabs have the function of the diffuse light, can make the light distribution more uniform, light penetrates the PC frosted plate after more downy, foil a warmth, refined flavor, commonly used for lighting and other fields.

PC optical diffuser, belongs to a new generation of guide plate, the product has changed the traditional principle of light guide plate, using the uniform dispersion of nanoparticles in the guide plate light scattering effect of the line light source or point light into the surface light source, using the straight down type cold cathode tube light even doesn't see the shadow of light emitting area, light diffusion plate according to the need to cut into different sizes, the production process is simple and convenient, cost is low, can choose the line light source, CCFL cold cathode lamp as light source. Also can use point light LED, it is the light of the production of ultra-thin light boxes, LCD TV diffusion plate, light curtain wall, medical products such as films for ideal light material.

PC bulletproof plate is one of the characteristics of high impact strength, generally speaking, there are no other engineering plastics can in extremely cold and very hot temperatures withstand hit so hard. Made of PC bulletproof plate products are usually shatterproof, almost unbreakable, so the PC bulletproof plate increases the strength.

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