Polycarbonate ( PC) In the modern plastic industry, rounding

by:GWX     2020-08-26
In the five common engineering plastics, PC ( Polycarbonate) Is the only product has good transparency. Use of this advantage, PC successfully applied in many areas, including electronic, medical supplies, building energy saving, auto parts and other industry is developing rapidly. Polycarbonate production process is complicated, in the world only a few big companies have production capacity, domestic manufacturers are foreign or joint venture company, with North America and Western Europe in architecture and the growing demand for the automotive industry, especially in Asia is increasing PC production investment scale in China. PC application prospect analysis the advantages and disadvantages in the current production technology of PC are ester exchange method and phosgene method two kinds. Due to the former distillate high boiling phenol and difficult to achieve high molecular weight. The latter in the process of reaction using phosgene this highly toxic raw material, for high requirement in technology and safety links, if coupled with phenol itself also have toxicity, PC production barriers to entry make it has a certain monopoly. 01 advantage (PC) is a kind of comprehensive engineering plastics with excellent properties with high strength, ductility and toughness, have excellent impact strength, excellent at the same time, good pervious to light, the light transmittance can exceed 90%. Its flame retardant research also quite mature, many alloy material select one PC as a modification. PC is used as the plate heat insulation performance is common glass 1. 25 times, 250 times that of the impact strength is glass, and the density is only half of the glass, thus has great potential applications in the construction industry. Some additional PC is easy to mold processing, can replace the current auto parts to achieve the purpose of weight reduction and energy saving, especially in the auto industry of our country in terms of the use of PC accounts for only 5% of the total amount, compared with the 20% abroad, have very big development space. In electrical and electronic industries, PC high impact resistance, high heat deformation temperature, insulation, fire resistance and dimensional stability of excellent comprehensive performance, the dosage of always maintain strong growth. Given billions every year the domestic import PC meet demand and the market prospect is very optimistic. 02 disadvantage PC USES widely, but many competitors, the cost is high, can be replaced in the field of many applications. Low requirements for the temperature and the impact strength of refrigerator preservation chamber and protective layer, you can use the low cost of acrylonitrile resin ( SAN) 。 With the ascension of PC board production technology and production technology, PC hollow board as a kind of new type material in the building roof, wall and wall of injected with many new architectural elements. This plate is also called the 'sunshine board', can through the majority of visible light, but it can block most of the infrared and ultraviolet (uv) light, natural light through the plate after form indoors soft diffuse and not dazzling, so in industrial building, gymnasium, exhibition hall, large aviation port and other large space being building in a large number of adoption. In addition, PC board due to excellent energy saving effect is regarded as a kind of green building materials. 03 auto industry traditional Windows and sunroof glass is replaced by lighter PC material, low density is just one of the reasons for this change, good processing properties of plastics can make the car development design innovation, will highly curved PC board with car body, improve aerodynamic efficiency. PC skylight development potential is tremendous, made in China have 1 every 3 cars will configure skylight or panoramic sunroof. High heat resistant polycarbonate during production of condenser and the mirror parts can be directly to the vacuum plating metal. In the lighting system, the PC can be used in the production of complex shape of headlights, taillights and turn signal, to improve the resistance to impact, because use polycarbonate, limber inorganic glass lampshade quality is 0. 5 ~ 1. 4 kg。 PC plastic, with its excellent mechanical, optical and thermal properties particularly remarkable, especially in high-end applications such as electronic products, auto parts, medical equipment and modern technology in the field of architecture and technology more mature, for its future development provides a strong support.
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