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by:GWX     2020-08-29

in recent years, energy and environmental protection issue has caused wide attention around the world, life and biodegradable plastics because of its low carbon load has become one of the main direction of the future development. Among them, polylactic acid, poly hydroxy alkyl esters [ 1] , succinic acid butyl glycol esters, aliphatic polyester bio-based succinic acid in impurity content affect the performance of biodegradable copolyesters, because raw material can be directly derived from biological or biomass, and after use can be completely decomposed into CO2 and H2O by composting small molecules such as environmentally friendly products, has become the one of the sustainable development ideal material development direction in the future. But the current research and development of the polymerization products because itself has certain performance defect, it is impossible to achieve widespread use common plastic performance. Polycarbonate plate is also a kind of product, repeat of molecular chain structure unit for carbonate type polymer, is one of polyester polymer. Dihydroxy compound linear structure of the general formula of polycarbonate is commonly [ — O— R— O— C( O) — ] N, type, HO - R diols R - OH mother nucleus. Along with the different of R group with aliphatic polycarbonate, fat - Aromatic polycarbonate and aromatic polycarbonate. Aliphatic polycarbonate low melting temperature, the solubility, water, thermal stability and mechanical performance is poor, difficult to use as plastic. Fat - Aromatic polycarbonate is higher than the melting temperature, but the crystallization trend, crisp, mechanical performance is poor, little practical value. Aromatic polycarbonate, is in the high practical value and with bisphenol a - A polycarbonate is given priority to, this is usually referred to one of the five common engineering plastics polycarbonate. In addition, there are based on bisphenol A halogenated bisphenol A polycarbonate, polyester, polycarbonate, and silicone - Polycarbonate block copolymer, etc. Polycarbonate high glass transition temperature, while wet creasing recovery well, song playing rate is high, the dimensional stability. Heat resistance between polyester and polyimide fibers. For making shirts, bedding, table cloth, overalls, etc.

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