PVC sheet and what is the difference between a PC sheet?

by:GWX     2020-09-24
If not an expert, most people probably just don't know what is the difference between PVC and PC? PC board today small make up for your detailed answers to:

the performance of PVC sheet believe everyone, good PVC sheet color is very good, can make all kinds of transparent color products, PVC sheet is also now a lot of commonality plastic products in the world, so the development and performance has always been very good.

1, the PC is polycarbonate, polycarbonate, is a kind of colorless transparent qualitative thermoplastic material. So-called transparent alloy, the mechanical strength is very high, polycarbonate colorless transparent, heat resistance, impact resistant, flame retardant, without additives with ul94 v - Level 0

2, flame retardant performance. Due to its colorless, transparent and excellent impact resistance, daily common applications include CD, cups, kitchen supplies, resin lens ( Juicer, etc. ) , bulletproof glass, goggles, headlights, and so on. PC only hard.

3, PVC sheet, PVC, is the production of the second general plastic, also is the most widely use plastic, PVC itself is colorless transparent hard material, but more brittle than PC, transparency and PC, other mechanical properties are far with PC. But PVC can join a lot of plasticizer, join after can make soft PVC. The so-called hard PVC is 100 kg of PVC plasticizer in tree powder amount is less than 5 kg of PVC plastic, like building sewer pipe, drain pipe, model steel window, such as credit card is belong to the hard PVC. Plasticizer amount is more than 5 kg call half hard PVC, greater than 25 kg is called soft PVC, like ordinary wire skin, disposable iv, some inflatable toys, soft door curtain, the supermarket sells the call soft glass transparent plastic table mat is soft PVC, etc.

4, PVC sheet can be any color, make all kinds of transparent and opaque color products, so the PVC plastic is currently the most widely use scope, the price is only about half to a quarter.

the above is the small make up PC board for everyone to share, I hope to be of help.
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