Sorry, we only do board!

by:GWX     2020-08-25

in the face of a lot of customer demand for cheap , 'sorry, we only do board' this sentence is the all employees can blurt out the words. In understanding customer needs, we heard a lot of customers said: I just need a two-year warranty, the warranty of not more than three years or five years warranty, . We overwhelmed, because we only produce seven years warranty, ten years warranty, good plate.

the , the industry believes that the used were very understanding of PC board industry competition. For profiteering, PC board market the sham as the genuine, many businessmen will reduce the quality to obtain greater profits, so there is a price for the market today are uneven phenomenon, the price is not low, only lower. Some businesses will 'conscience' with different proportions of back to the material production of PC board, PC board, and then use different price to sell this appears on the market two years warranty, three-year warranty, five-year warranty, PC board. But some mei wear conscience thought only seeks profiteering businessmen with different proportions of PC board, back to the material production but hang sheep head sell vinegar will be sold back to the plate when the new plate to, to get a big profits, this is we can't look straight into the phenomenon.

a lot of people will ask, the quality of the of your company? We will not sell for the benefit of today and the future, there are 23 years experience in stores, sun plate, endurance and wave plate and so on eight big products import new material production, plank has written ten years quality guarantee.

autumn gradually thick, north gradually into the winter, the people of the north you ready? Greenhouses special . polycarbonate solid sheet adopts imported brand new materials, import equipment production, energy saving heat preservation, prevent the droplets etc multiple effect, if you are interested or questions, you can click on the right side of the online chat tool consulting or free call the service hotline:

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