Specific advantages of PC sunshine board have?

by:GWX     2020-08-25
As long as it is engaged in greenhouses planting probably knew in his heart, grow vegetables in greenhouses top priority must be to temperature. So have so a kind of material in the thermal insulation performance is better than the other cover material such as glass and film, well, of course there is. Here, have to mention it must belong to belong to , under the interpretation of specific below details with you. The construction of vegetable greenhouses, and the most indispensable is surface , vegetable greenhouses surface sunshine plate installation, can be made inside the greenhouse vegetables receive adequate illumination, because the sun plate has high strength, high light transmittance, sound insulation, noise reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection advantages, coupled with the as vegetable greenhouses surface will be more solid, avoids the sky in the natural disaster damage to the greenhouse, longer life, later will reduce maintenance costs. And one more thing is, the hollow structure, the quality is very light, can reduce the load shed. Use installation vegetable greenhouses, more concise and ( Sunshine board produced by using polycarbonate as raw material, has the certain flexible) , at the same time bring inside the greenhouse vegetable crops grow more quiet environment, make our vegetable farmers get higher yields, and the sun plate surface with UV layer, so that the not easy ageing discoloration, prolong the lifespan of the vegetable greenhouses. Greatly reduce the production cost of farmers. Flame retardant from extinguish, GB86242006 conforms to the national standard certification, PC in class B, PC board itself and ignition point is 580 ℃ from automatic put out after the fire, will not contribute to the spread of the fire, will not produce poisonous gas, belongs to the green environmental protection new materials ( Non-toxic tasteless, no radiation) 。 Sunshine board greenhouses with the development of recent years, the scope of application is becoming more and more widely. Use not only has the traditional planting and application of agricultural carnival in greenhouse, such as seedling, the exhibition greenhouse, greenhouse ecological restaurant, etc, were also grow, tourism, processing industry a wide range of applications.
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